Tokyo Tour

CIAO ! I’m Giacomo! Born and Bred roman but naturalised Japanese, 7 years ago and lived in Tokyo ever since.
I’m an ex-pro-Brompton-rider, 2 times (yes twice) World Champion in the category of the “Brompton World Team” raced in London UK where I lived for three years.
We will leave from the Ueno JR Station 10:00 am  ( MEETING POINT )  and we will cross the famous district of Akihabara, to the majestic castle of Edo (also called Imperial Palace) and we will see the beautiful gardens where the Emperor also walks to admire the wonders of nature.
A brief stop on the Nijubashi Bridge for the usual photo and then cycling to the Hibiya Park. 
After a short break, we will leave for Sumida to admire the Sumo stadium and route to Asakusa (SENSO-JI), where our Japanese restaurant will be waiting for us with a lunch.
Relax and immerse yourself in the beautiful setting of the Senso-ji temple.
We will say goodbye to the Ueno station with a wonderful souvenir photo!

What's Included :

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